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You’ve reached the website of Angel Training Systems Ltd, a company dedicated to aviation technical training.

The quality of training that your aircrew and ground-crew receive has a direct impact on the profitability of your business and is also critical to the safe operation of your airline.

For AMO’s we can help support your training requirements with our independent Part 147 approved organisation. We are UK Part 147 approved, EASA Part 147 approved and CASA Part 147 approved. See our engineers section for types supported.

For ATO’s, ground training is a costly capability to maintain internally, salary and employment costs for the average ground-school instructor can typically run into the £40,000+ bracket so how do you do it smarter?

The simple solution is, to have access to professional instructors who can work within your own approval who are only paid when they are delivering training, no holiday pay, no sick pay, no pension costs, no problem. This gives you the financial control to directly relate the training costs to the time spent delivering training.

We pride ourselves that the training we deliver is relevant, clear and effective. Our aim is to make sure your personnel fully understand how your aircraft work and what can be done if it should suffer a failure, without compromising safety or operational requirements.


As with aircrew training, we have been delivering engineer training for over 20 years. Through section L locally approved courses, through JAR-147 and the transition to EASA IR Part-147 we have successfully delivered training with consistently good results.

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Aircrew training has been a significant aspect of our training for many years and we pride ourselves on the quality of training we can deliver.

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